We are open for business! Please, call, email, or message us on Facebook.

Our current hours are 9:00am-4:00pm and closed Friday-Sunday. 

About Barton Auto


My Background

I have spent years in the automotive repair industry and knew the history of this facility when it was under the previous ownership. Jerry had a long standing reputation for quality service at a fair price. We plan on continuing that tradition. 

I am Craig Kasten, a Master Level Certified ASE Mechanic as well as being Advanced Level Specialist certified. I own an auto repair shop in Hartford as well and believe in good pricing, quality work, and a quick turn around (as quick as possible). Full service including tires. 


Shop Services

Barton Automotive Service will offer full brake work, estimates, suspension repair, driveline repair (including engine and transmission work), diagnostics of emissions and other issues, drive-ability concerns, routine maintenance, and tires. Exhaust work is also able to be done through Barton Automotive. Check engine lights, brake lights, traction control lights or any other light that may pop up on your dash...we can help! We are taking active precautions to limit (as much as possible) the spread of Covid-19/Coronavirus by sanitizing, cleaning, gloves, and other protective gear. Keeping our customers as safe as we possibly can is of the utmost importance to us! 


Company Hours

Barton Automotive Service is open Monday through Friday 9:00 AM-4:00 PM.

Closed Friday-Sunday

Our hours may change as things in our area shift. I will do my best to be here for you. We are focusing on drop-offs only. Sanitizing and cleaning as well as the continued use of new rubber gloves. Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk/at checkout area. 

 A drop box is scheduled to be installed soon to make it more flexible. 

Feel free to email or message on our Facebook Page


Appointments are requested. 

*Tires are by appointment only. 

*It's just one person working, so if I'm not up front, I'm probably in the shop. If I'm not there, I'm working on the apartment, basement, files, yard, portable garage, plowing is not unlikely, possibly the office or restroom...best bet, if you can't find me, call the shop phone at 262-353-3006. Thanks for understanding!